Friday, 27 June 2014

Maximum Mini: Digitally detailed Mini Marcoses

Jeroen Booij, the world's biggest specialist on Mini derivatives and writer of the great book "Maximum Mini" (with a second book coming this summer), just published on his blog a post about the selection of Mini Marcos that I painted a short time ago. I must say that I painted almost all of them thanks to information that I found in his blog, and if he approves my work, there's no better compliment that can be given me now!
Thanks again to Jeroen for his tireless research and for his appreciation on my work.

Here's what he said:

"Maximum Mini: Digitally detailed Mini Marcoses: A chap under the nom de plume of Boxman dropped me a line recently, about the Mini Marcoses he created for a computer game called GT Legends. "I hope you appreciate my work, that was done with a lot of support from your work." I do. As a matter of fact I was impressed by the detailed job he'd done on these great little cars. Have a look below.

Finest hour Mini Marcos - the 1966 Le Mans car built by Jean-Claude Hrubon
Picture courtesy Boxman

Works Mini Marcos - the 1967 Le Mans car, which survives in Africa
Picture courtesy Boxman
Heroic Mini Marcos - the 1967 Targa Florio racer believed to survive in Sweden
Picture courtesy Boxman
Local Mini Marcos - the 1966 ART (Algemeen Racing Team) car at Zandvoort
Picture courtesy Boxman

GT40 Mini Marcos - the German Gulf-liveried car, at the Nurburgring
Picture courtesy Boxman
Heritage Mini Marcos - the 2012 Le Mans Classic car driven by Remy Julienne
Picture courtesy Boxman

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