Tuesday, 24 June 2014

[GTL Skin] Posche 917K David Piper Vila Real 1971


This is the Porsche 917K chassis #917010 as it raced in the 1971 Circuito Internacional de Vila Real in the hands of Mário de Araújo "Nicha" Cabral (said to have been the greatest Portuguese driver in history). For that year's event the organization payed for David Piper and his team to bring the car from England to take part in the race, just for the spectators pleasure! Nicha Cabral (who was racing Piper's cars at the time) delivered a good show, having a great race against Bagration in his modified 906 and a Ferrari 512M. Cabral lost some time after a oil pressure scare and then recovered in a spectacular way, but despite the effort, Bagration won and Nicha came in second. Though, in the hearts of the Vila Real people Cabral was the real winner!

I started from Mexe's skin of this car from when it raced in the 1971 Watkins Glen 6h, but ended up changing almost everything. This is for all those like me that lived, breathed and loved the races in the Vila Real Circuit (finished just in time for the 2014 edition, many more skins will come with time).
Here for many more years of racing!


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