Wednesday, 18 June 2014

[GTL Skin] BMW M1 Group 4 winner of Vila Real 1983

This is the skin of the BMW M1 that won the 1983 Vila Real Circuit, Portugal.

This car is the ex-Warsteiner M1 that came to Portugal in 1983 in the hands of Antonio Taveira and completely dominated all competitions in the country for the next few years.
I was only capable of finishing it thanks to the hints of a mechanic I met that served it and was literally by my side while I was painting it.
Thanks to this skin I was able to actually meet Antonio Taveira, who still lives in Vila Real and still owns the car, and show him the finished result. He absolutely loved it, pointed out a couple of corrections, and he spent the night telling me stories from his races in the 80s. One of my greatest days ever!

You will need Ron123 & Sidstalker BMW M1 Group 4 mod at Trackaholics (GTL version:
This skin is convertible to GTR2 an rFactor.

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