Wednesday, 18 January 2012

GTA SA Shelby Cobra Daytona paintjobs

Chassis CSX2287 - The first complete chassis and the only car actually built in America by Shelby. Lost for 30 years and now on a museum after the biggest jurisdictional fight for it's possess rights ever faced by a car. Template without sponsors and with some rust, as it can be seen nowadays.
Chassis CSX2299 - The car that raced and won the most races of the six chassis and the one that launch the Daytona as a respected and famous racer. Original and present day template.

Chassis CSX2300 - The only car painted white with red and blue stripes for a race in France. Brought to America and painted with the official Shelby Daytona colors. Had many owners ever since, between which Carol Shelby himself, who bought it back as a personal ride. Template and number as when Carol Shelby owned it.

Chassis CSX2601 - The "Championship Car". Has just recently been sold for 7.5 million USD, making it the most expensive American car ever sold. Original and present day template.

Chassis CSX2602 - The only car painted red with white stripes for a race at Le Mans. It's was bough by Scuderia Filipinetti, a Ferrari-driving team, as Ford used all their allowed entries for the race.

Chassis CSX2286 -  This was the first chassis, followed only by chassis CSX2287 (the prototype), to be built in America by Shelby, but was abandoned and only completed after the drop of the Shelby Daytona development (that was replaced by the GT 40 program). It only raced once, during the 1965 Le Mans, finishing 3rd overall because of a clutch failure, but having set a GT lap record.  Present day template.

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